Amy Hankins proudly presents the 2008 AntComics Calendar!

The calendars on this page are downloadable for free.
You can use them in your own home, at work or as a gift to someone who might appreciate it.
Feel free to share the files and to forward them via email etc.

All images are by Amy Hankins, the layout was done by Ant Lady.

Thanks to the members of AntRap! for their ideas:

  • Jan: Carty came up with the snowball fight idea.

  • Feb: Carty suggested the Ants all getting valentines, and Adam gets none

  • Mar: The easter bunny/Marco stealing eggs was Ant Lady's idea and thanks to Amazon that nice little touch with the "Never Trust a Man" comment was in there too.

  • Apr: Carty suggested an April Fool theme.

  • June: Carty got me going in the 'beach theme' direction by suggesting they all be sunbathing with a white stripe across their faces. I couldn't really get that to work, so I did the Ants at the beach cartoon only minus the sunbathing.
    CherokeeAnt suggested them trying to get the pool ready, so this is somewhat related too.

  • July: MazAnt suggested "Marco eating ice cream" so I took that idea and altered it a bit. Still an ice cream theme though.

  • Nov: Moymelle came up with the Ants popping out of the cake idea.

  • Dec: Switchbladediva was the first to suggest Marco as Santa I believe.


Amy & Annet

By downloading one or more of these calendars, you must agree not to use them for profit!

To be able to view and print the calendars, you will need Adobe Reader which you can download for free here.

First decide which size of paper you want to use to print on.
As a rule of thumb Europeans (and that includes the Brits) use "A4" and American and Canadians use "letter".

Then decide if you can/want to print in colour or black and white.

Once you've made your choice, right-click the picture of the calendar you want, and choose "save target as" or "save link as".
Choose where to save your file, and off you go!

Keep in mind that these files are rather large, as to keep the quality as high as possible. After all, we would like you to have an AntComics calendar that looks GOOD!

A4, Europe

A4 sized in colour, 2008|
(for the cover click here)

A4 sized in b/w, 2008

A4 sized, perpetual

double A4 sized in colour, 2008
(for the cover click here)

 double A4 sized in b/w, 2008

Letter, US

letter sized in colour, 2008
(for the cover click here)

letter sized in b/w, 2008

letter sized, perpetual

 double letter sized in colour, 2008
(for the cover click here)

 double letter sized in b/w, 2008